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SkyNet gets an API!

Yup, not only have I been finding ways of controlling the higher functions of robots through a clustered management system housed on the cloud, I have also taken it upon my self to give it an API. Next up, the ‘Kill All Humans’ subroutine… How it got started: So the truth behind this system and […]

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CloudStack API calls in Python

These are a couple classes I wrote with Kraig Amador, for signing CloudStack API calls, and allowing individual APIs to be called as methods.   #!/ usr/bin/env python # By: Kelcey Damage, 2012 & Kraig Amador, 2012   api_url = ‘your_stuff_here’ apiKey = ‘your_stuff_here’ secret = ‘your_stuff_here’   import hashlib, hmac, string, base64, urllib import […]

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